I kissed the right frog this time…

The story of how Dillon and I met. Yes, our story does involve me kissing a frog. No, it’s not made up!

Oct 2, 2013, around 10:30 AM, I was working. [as a 2year old teacher] It was our outside time and I found a frog, let all the kids look at it, and touch it! I jokingly told My friend/Co-teacher Nancy I was going to kiss it and get a prince!

So I did! [selfie or it doesn’t count] Then I let the poor thing go.

kiss the frog

Yes, I had brown hair when we met.

Oct 2, 2013, around 10:30 PM, Dillon message me on Facebook for the first time! {Yes! I’m dead serious that’s how it happened!}


We traded phone numbers after this message.

But you see, I knew what “Mr. new to the area, looking for friends” wanted. I wasn’t in the market for any “traveling male friendship” and I told him that really quick! But he kept up the conversation and insisting it wasn’t like that. [It really was] We talked for a while, we had a lot in common and he seemed to have a good head on his shoulders. So I was thinking about giving him a shot until he dropped a bomb on me. He was only 19 [I was 25 with a 6-year-old] I really didn’t see that coming, and I couldn’t do it! But he begged & begged me to give him a shot.

DSCN0016 - Copy.JPG


So I agreed to meet him publicly! [I decided if he really wanted to waste his time and money who was I to say no] I met his family and half the crew the first time I met him! He was cute and kinda shy. We didn’t get to talk much because his mom was grilling me. But I had fun, so I agreed to meet him again. After that we kinda became inseparable! [I Fooled his master plan in the end]

⇐This is one of our first pictures together.