A great debate…

A bunkhouse for the kids or a large living room for everyone?

Ok, so it wasn’t much of a debate for us. We already had a bunkhouse and we both like the way Logan had his own space. However, we know a lot of the people on our crew that have small children that like us are on the road full time. They decided to only have the one bedroom and large living room.  So we did have a small discussion on it, in the end, we both agreed that the bunkhouse was definitely a must for us! 

I don’t have a clue how they do it, I’d go insane! I love being able to tell Logan to take his toys to HIS  room! I get the appeal of the large living room, it’s lots of open space! BUT [and it’s a big but], it’s going to be filled with toys, your going to have to make up a bed for them every night, and put it away every morning. There goes any kind of late night tv watching or cleaning or in my case quilting or blogging!

Yes, my living room and kitchen are smaller. Everything is scrunched together but, we each have our own space and decorate it however we want! I love Star Wars [thats where Logan gets it from] but I do not want my living room decorated in it! Logan also gets to string legos from one in of his room to the next, even if I am cooking or have someone over. When all the kids come over I love sending them all to Logan’s room to hang out so they are out of my hair! 

It is hard for me to tell Logan that he can’t have something because there is no place for it. Luckily with his own room and bathroom, I don’t have to worry about it very often! 

Another perk is having a half or full bathroom. OMG I love that we have two bathrooms! you should see peoples faces when we show or tell them about the second bathroom.

So just ask your self this question… do you like to yell “GO TO YOUR ROOM!”?

This is the bunkhouse in the new camper. It is still a work in progress.

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Here is the old camper. It was right before we traded it and bare so forgive me for that.

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