A Little Cabin In The Woods…

In order to explain me and the name, I choose I’ll tell you a little bit about our cabin. It really is a little [tiny] cabin in the woods! Dillon, Logan, and I needed a place to stay when we have our days off! 

{We love you Nannie and Papa D and we appreciate all your hospitality but we needed our own space and so do Y’all!}


Dillon really wanted a great place to hunt. [he could have slept in a deer blind for all he cared]  Now don’t get me wrong, he wanted us to have somewhere nice/safe to stay, but when you’re on the road 85% of the year, it’s hard to maintain and pay for an empty castle! So we settled on a nice piece of land [of course it is good hunting] and we decided on a DIY tiny home!


Since we’re normally on 10 days on 4 days off schedule, we needed something that could be dried in and fast! So we chose a 14×40 Bald Eagle Barn, had it delivered and began building the inside. It’s not done yet [it’s been a slow process] but it’s got water, sewer, electricity, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and a loft room for Logan. We still lack quite a few things in finishing it but we are able to stay in it when we get lucky enough to go home. 

Here is a small slideshow of our hard work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love to move around and traveling with Dillon is easy for me, however, I do like to have roots! I like to have a place where we can go and know that we are welcome. Where we know at least 50% of the people and where we don’t have to play the guessing game for restaurants. I love having that in Arkansas. 

IMG_20150527_181700Occasionally we get those jobs we’re D has to work 5 on 2 off. So being 5 hours or more away just doesn’t make it worth the drive to go home. I occasionally get terribly homesick: I [always] miss my best friend, our dirt roads, our creek, and not having a neighbor within spitting distance. [not that I spit on my neighbors] I love traveling but I also love having a home to miss! 

creek-2.jpgOur lil‘ creek is just down the road from our cabin.  We spend a lot of our summer evenings there with our friends and family.



We are totally redneck by the way here is a picture of us going through the culverts when the creek was just right. It was a great day at the creek. Since then they did some work to it and you can’t go through them anymore.

3 thoughts on “A Little Cabin In The Woods…

  1. Wow this looks amazing! I really would love something like this to escape to and just be at peace. I really admire this lifestyle! Well done on the hard work 🙂


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