Why We Homeschool…

Logan actually started homeschooling in 1st grade. Which was before Dillon and I even met, everyone assumes that we started homeschooling because I wanted to be on the road with Dillon! Which I do, but that is not the only reason. 

I was a single mom when Logan started school. I worked and went to school myself. Logan loved school in kindergarten. He did so well in Kindergarten, and the year flew by.


When Logan was in the first grade we had lots of trouble with him wanting to read. He was just fine at home and didn’t want to at school or maybe he was just too embarrassed. Either way, his teacher kept saying he needed to be put into the reading program. “The reading program” would take away from all his other learning. The teacher had no other options or opinions and [I’m sorry] he could read just fine at home. and he hated going to school it was a fight every morning, which normally ended in Logan in tears. I hated it.

Another thing that irritated me was the new lunch program. [Thank you but no thank you Mrs. Obama]  So he took his lunch, which should not have been a big deal [or so you would think] except he would come home with half of his lunch still in the bag. I question him time and time again, why aren’t you eating (he’s a good eater) He would tell me they told him he couldn’t have it. Upon questioning his teacher she said to “talk to the lunch lady” the lunch lady said, “talk to the teacher.” After getting the run around I offered to come and have lunch with him to see who I should talk to the teacher finally confessed: “well the other kids don’t have it so, it’s unfair!” Wait, what? We had a long heart to heart where I told her I packed his lunch so he could have what I wanted him to eat, the other kid’s parents were free to do this also! 

At the middle of the semester, his teacher wrote on his report card that he was behind, in everything, he couldn’t focus so she had been taking away his recess, but that only made him more hyper. [So you’re wanting a small child to sit still and quiet for 8 hours with no way to burn any energy, what do you expect?]  

I was so frustrated and broke down and cried to my mom about it all. She asked if she could start homeschooling Logan. [My middle sister had just graduated from homeschooling, and my youngest sister was still being homeschooled] I was really scared and worried about all kinds of things [not my mom’s qualifications] sports, friends, and when I would have to take over.  

She homeschooled Logan for the rest of first grade, second grade, and most of the third grade. By then my younger sister had graduated, and my mom was really wanting to have some free time. I had also met Dillon and we were discussing the possibilities of us traveling with him. So it all worked out in the end. 

We are starting his fifth-grade year this year. He likes it, as well as any kid likes to do school work. We have good days and we have bad days. We’re lucky that we get to decide when we want breaks and what days we’re going to double up on, and even what we want to study. IMG_3555

He is starting the Khan Acadamy for math, history, grammar, and possibly computers. We used it a few times last year when I had to brush up on some math to help him. It seems to be wonderful, the teachers are funny and they draw awful pictures, so far Logan loves it. He is also doing the Spectrum Reading book. I’m not really a fan of Spectrum except for the reading book. He has the Spectrum Science book but I’m not sure about it yet we may try the one on the Khan Acadamy. Last year I bought the reading and science book (at the Hastings going out of business sale) so we are going to try it for a week or two and see how we both feel about it.

I’ll keep you posted on how we are feeling on Spectrum Science and Khan Acamady.

4 thoughts on “Why We Homeschool…

  1. All three of our kidlets were homeschooled/unschooled from day one. The oldest two (22 and 20) have now graduated, and the youngest (17) is due to graduate in the spring. While it dose have its challenges, it’s been a wonderful experience.

    FYI, the Scholastic website has some great resources for teachers. Here are a couple other links I used for free printables over the years –



    Best of luck to you on your journey!

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