It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! (Cheering like a teenager)
We get to go pick up our new camper! I’ve packed and cleaned for two weeks. I’ve been wearing the same pair of shoes and the same couple of outfits (yes they were clean). We have been eating frozen food, off paper plates, with plastic forks… I know, I know…shame on me. (Sorry, not sorry!) So let me tell you, I’m beyond ready to get our new camper!

But let’s start this day from the very beginning!

5:37 AM: I woke up to pouring rain, and decided to go back to sleep.

7:00 AM: Dillon’s alarm goes off! We get up and get ready to move the camper. YES, it’s still pouring! Poor Dillon he’s getting soaked!

7:50 AM: DRIP….DRIP….DRIP… What the heck… OMG, great our camper is leaking! That’s good for trade-in-value, right?

9:07 AM: We are pulling out! Fun Town RV bound! I can barely contain my excitement. I’m talking Dillon’s ear off!IMG_3384

11:35 AM: BANG… What the… OMG, a blowout! Dillon “Did you take the tools out?” Me “Well…Yea I took the tools out, I moved everything out.” Luckily there was only a little damage from the blowout! We dropped the camper in a large parking lot and went to Walmart.

[Quick question! Why is the Walmarts in Texas so much prettier than Oklahoma and Arkansas?]

12:48 PM: Tires fixed up with the spare and we’re finally leaving McKinney, Tx. Yay! “Just Think positive, Just think positive!” (Singing that to the tune of Dory’s Just keep swimming)


1:32 PM: BANG…Are you serious… ugh another blowout, this time downtown Dallas and there is nowhere to just pull over.IMG_3389

1:48 PM: We have found a tire shop. King Wheel and Tire. Great group of guys! They got us on the road again in no time at all.

3:04 PM: We made it to Fun Town!  Whew! “Wait, what do you mean our jacks won’t go down? Omg! How can we get a new camper if we can’t get this one off the truck?” Ok, it wasn’t that bad we just blew a fuse. I’m really beginning to think that we should maybe just keep Sierra, she obviously doesn’t want to go!

5:39 PM: We finally got our new camper, and we’re leaving the lot! Sorry, Sierra, but you had to go! “Maybe we can just have a quiet ride home.”

7:08 PM: Well sure navigator lady we would love a to drive downtown Dallas! “OMG, D please tell me we can fit under that bridge?” Well, we fit under 13′ 9″ but just barely. Ugh, can it all please stop now!IMG_3400

So I’ve decided it’s the dang pennies, that I picked up last night after the races. I put into my pocket this morning. (I’m not normally so superstitious but at this point, I’m willing to give anything a go!) So I threw them out the window of the truck with a random dime that I also picked up today! I’M DONE!

9:30 PM: We have made it! [Kissing the muddy ground at our RV site!] Again poor Dillon, he does the outside stuff while I work inside! (I promise it’s always been that way) Lucky for him we splurged for that automatic leveling system! Now, where on earth did I put our sheets and pillows? Oh, my it’s going to be a busy night!


Yes! All this really happened. Trust me, I’m not that good at making stuff up. Although after getting rid of the pennies we didn’t have anything else go wrong. Also sorry for the bad iPhone photos, I buried my camera in the trailer before deciding to start my blog!

[Random thought: Fun Town RV wasn’t really that much fun. And I now have a lot of work to do.]

So pardon my language (it won’t happen too often) but it’s been a trade-in-day from Hell!

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